Life is a journey . . .

I believe every event, every moment, is a seed that can enhance my being by leading me to a truth I need to see, exposing me to myself,  adjusting my direction, or  even planting itself where another can derive benefit from its existence.

The years I have lived have been filled with “both sides of the coin”: pain, agonies, traumas, joys, blessings,  successes, failures, and, I must confess, some I think were “earned” and some I do not think were earned.  I must admit that I have also inflicted some of these on others, both knowingly and unknowingly. The emotions that have accompanied these times are not uncommon and I believe I can be a positive part of another’s process by sharing insights into my “journeys.”

So, my intent in sharing on this blog is to allow others to look into the seeds of my life as I view them and in some way gain insights to use in their own journeys—sharing is most often the redeeming side of what we perceive as negative because it gives purpose to what may seem purposeless at the time.


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